Studio progress so far

We haven’t been sure of what to call this building, almost from the start.  Before the wedding, it was a “gazebo” (sometimes with a fancy fake-French pronunciation) or the “wedding structure.”  Drawings by our architect friend who’s helping with the design of the building call it “Flanamullegan wedding cabin.” And we’ve called it our “little house” or “tiny house.”  It seems that the people in charge of planning and zoning for our county (who also drive by our house to and from work each day) have made the question of what to call this building a bit easier.  It will be a “studio.”  Our property is zoned agricultural, and because of this, two acres are required for each single-family dwelling. A guest house with kitchen is considered a second single-family dwelling, so we would need to have four acres for this to be allowed — and we have three-point-something.  So, a studio is what we’ll have instead.  And the carpenters working on it had a busy week last week.

First, they finished preparing the forms for six concrete piers.

Once that was done, the fun could begin. The whole thing was moved from the trailer onto the foundation.  Grigg was in charge, with help from Shelby in the excavator and Jesse and Dave, the carpenters, and our friend Will.

Then, the frame was put back together, starting with the crucks.

Our neighbor Bill was curious and stuck around until the rain came.  Will (who just raised the frame for a big addition at his house and then was married a week later!) arrived in good time.

Grigg told Will that once it was assembled, there would be a “view adjustment” of 180 degrees.  That is, the side with the view was to be swapped with the side facing our house.  In other words, it had been placed on the trailer backwards, and would have to be lifted up and turned around.

Rotating the building

I have observed several timber frames being cut and raised, and I have attended one and a half conferences of the Timber Framers Guild, but I don’t know all the vocabulary. I ask questions, but there are gaps in my knowledge of what the parts of this building are called. Like this beautiful cherry (I think) timber with our wedding date carved by our dads. Tie beam? (Also – those “sides” above, are they plates?)

The carpenters continued on Friday, making nice progress:

And if you are interested in seeing some more pictures or a video, go here.

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We're Accacia and Grigg Mullen III.
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1 Response to Studio progress so far

  1. Cosmo says:

    Gondola house for a zip line to the Maury below?! Foundation impressive, view fantastic, shaping up nicely.

    Well done,


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