Ready for a roof

Since our last update in March, the little house has sat, wrapped in Tyvek, waiting for the rest of the porch and the roof.

We’ve spent some weekends working on the porch and now have materials for the roof.

Grigg, along with his dad and our friends Will and Brendan, installed the porch frame.  After months of an open deck literally on the edge of a cliff, it was a relief to see a railing in place.

For the railings, we decided to use high-tensile fence wire and ratchets as a simple version of the fancy stainless steel cable railings you may be familiar with (or may have seen in design magazines). Though he’d never done this before, Grigg was confident this would be a good solution and not disturb our view — and, thanks to our friends Will and Jake, this has cost us nothing. The wire came from a fence Will took down and Jake gave us the new ratchets, a $30 value.

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Over two weekends, Grigg and his dad put up skip sheathing on the porch and building roof.  Today they installed the drip edge and roof vents.

Next weekend we have a bunch of friends coming to help install the standing seam roof, bending the pans on site.

About Accacia

I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.
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