The studio has been roofed.

When we finally woke up yesterday, we had an email from Grigg’s dad asking “How’s the roof working?”  Apparently it had rained and he wondered if we’d been able to enjoy the sound of raindrops on the metal roof (we slept through it). Puddles this morning suggested it rained again last night and again, we slept soundly, the weather muffled by our central air. But Saturday was dry — a bit hotter than many would have liked, but we had dry conditions for working.

Inside the studio, tools and very important water cooler

Inside the studio, tools and very important water cooler, filled three times over the course of the day.

We are relieved to have the building under permanent cover and thankful for all of the help that we had.  Trevor Mitchell and his brother Ben are sons of a professional roofer (who also do roofing work themselves) and brought experience, knowledge, skill and tools. Will Barry-Rec has given us so much of his time for this project (and will likely be helping us with the interior, too), and recently put a standing seam roof on the timber frame addition he and his wife Jessica are building. Will’s roof team included Trevor, Ben, Grigg and Gabe Leasure. Gabe joined us between picking up his mom from the airport and volunteering at the night’s concert at Lime Kiln. Grigg’s cousin Marian Dalke came first thing after a full day Friday in a commercial kitchen helping her dad process apples — she crimped seams, served watermelon and washed all the lunch dishes before heading off for a hike and visit with Grandfather, recovering from a recent heart valve transplant. Grigg/Dad Mullen decided long ago that he’d rather hire someone to put on a roof than do it himself, and he spent all day on the ground with us getting each piece of metal bent before it went up to the roof. He and Cindy have been amazing support in every way, and we couldn’t do this without them.

So, here’s what the day looked like, with the photographs taken from the ground as I tend to avoid roofs and ladders.

Next up is the clapboard siding. We’ll start working on that after we get back from a New England vacation (complete with Timber Framers Guild conference) next week.

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I'm a librarian at a college in Lexington, Virginia. I sew, I knit, and I cook.
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