About us

From Accacia: I spent my earlier days living in Massachusetts – growing up in Attleboro and going to college in Northampton at Smith College. In 2002, I moved to Seattle, and found a job at a small nonprofit safety training organization for commercial fishermen. After five years in the Northwest, I moved back to Massachusetts to get my Master’s in Library Science at Simmons College in Boston and be closer to my family. Now I’m a reference librarian at Virginia Military Institute, and I knit and sew and cook and generally enjoy making things. I enjoy traveling and listening to music — and I’m finally going to learn to play the banjo.

Accacia in Breaks in the Mountain Park

Accacia in Breaks in the Mountain Park

From Grigg: I was born in Richmond, Virginia, then spent a couple years in Blacksburg and in Texas, settling in Lexington at age 10. After high school, I attended the Apprentice School at Newport News Shipbuilding to become a machinist. I completed my 4 year apprenticeship in 3 years, 4 months, building on the education that began in high school as I pursued independent studies with my mentor, Jack Bronander. Back home in 2004, I prepared my 1952 1-ton Chevy pickup truck for a round-the-country road trip. In 28 days, I traveled west with my best friend Ira and returned with my Dad. Then I attended VMI for about a year. Not being my cup of tea, I had a few other jobs before returning to VMI to work in the Physics department machine shop (conveniently located next to the library). I’m often found in the machine shop at home or in the garage working on old Chevy trucks and Detroit Diesel engines.

Grigg in Asheville

Grigg in Asheville

In March, Willie found Accacia and Grigg at VMI. He is one really cool cat who loves trucks as much as Grigg does and wants to one day learn to drive a forklift. While he likes to watch Accacia knit, he is very disciplined and keeps his toes out of the yarn. When not at his primary job of napping, his hobbies include hiding toys under the bookcase and catching mice.

Tired kitty

Tired kitty

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